Storms of Pleasure Bedroom Restraint Basic Delightware System

By Amber St. Clare
The Storms of Pleasure Basic Delightware System gives bedroom restraints an upgrade with this fun new harness/cuffs system. Storms of Pleasure created a restraint system that can be used anywhere, including the car, a hotel, the bedroom, a door, or wherever else you’d like. Unlike other harness and restraint systems, this system is easy to use, doesn’t require moving furniture or mattresses and when stored away, it’s quite discreet. The Storms of Pleasure Basic Delightware Systemcomes in a variety of colors, including purple, black, leopard print, red leopard print and more. The set comes in a storage bag that can be tied closed with an attached ribbon, and it includes the basic system which gives you: 2 wrist cuffs, 2 converters, 2 tethers with sandbags. The cuffs and sandbags are covered in a velvet fabric with a red/black leopard design. The converters and tethers are black and have hook closures to secure the restraints. The wrist cuffs fits 6-9 inches, and won’t cut into your wrists like some other types of cuffs. The tethers will stretch to fit over or under a door frame, and you can attach it to the bed without having to move or set it up underneath the box spring. The cuffs and tethers are easy to use and attach, and because the system isn’t bulky or heavy, it can be discreetly stored away until you’re ready to use it.

The tethers stretch from 13-24 inches, so it gives you a lot of versatility and makes it easy to set up in bed or anywhere else you want to have fun with some restraints. This restraint system isn’t’ meant for hanging or suspension, but it still offers a wide variety of ways to have fun using these restraints with your partner. I like the color and design of the cuffs and tethers, they are easy to put together and to re-assemble any time you’re ready. You can attach the tether over the top of a door, for against the wall sex, or even under the door, or on top of the bed for teasingly tempting sex where one partner is restraint. The restraints and cuffs will work with both women and men so that you can take turns being the one restrained and easily adjust the restraints to a custom fit. Easy to use and really fun! The patent pending design for this system is really unique, simple to use, and a whole lot of fun without worrying about too much set up or flimsy cuffs. You can get the Storms of Pleasure Basic Delightware System for $150 at Kama Sutra Closet. They also have the Storms of Pleasure Deluxe Delightware System which comes with 2 Velvet Wrist Adornment Cuffs with Swarovski Crystals, 2 velvet Ankle Adornment Cuffs with Swarovski Crystals, 4 adjustable Mattress & Door Frame Converters, 4 adjustable Tethers, 1 Velvet Swarovski Crystal adorned blindfold all wrapped in a wooden storage box for $350.